By Federico Donti


“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed, therefore!” (Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)



Ecologica Umbra deals with the disposal of ‘hazardous and non-hazardous’ waste and, thanks to its management, makes this issue accessible and simple, which is, to date, one of the fundamental processes for our future and that of our children – offering professional, continuous and personalized support for all issues related to the correct disposal of waste.



In August 2020, the two brothers Marco and Andrea Biondi founded the company Ecologica Umbra in Perugia; the legal and commercial headquarters are located in Sant’Andrea delle Fratte while the warehouse in Castiglion della Valle (Pg) is called Biosmaltimenti srl.

The company is aimed at both companies and individuals, providing both management skills and its own means, working throughout the Italian territory and also having intermediation permits: they proudly remind us, in fact, of one of the most important orders of the past year, namely the disposal of special waste inside the military ship L. Rizzo, moored at the port of La Spezia.

The ethical premise made by Marco and Andrea is that of the ‘ecological transaction’, i.e. being able to convey the waste that we all produce on a daily basis, optimized by a circular economy, with the premise that ‘waste is not waste but a resource’: “We push in two directions – one to be able to give more lives to the materials themselves that will be pulped and then converted back into new uses or for the production of new energy; on the other hand, to limit the erosion of primary materials, limiting excavations and extractions.

These procedures are managed by Ecologica Umbra through well-detailed supply chains: from consultancy (including media) to analyses that then convey the treatment, even personalized, making its own means of bagging, storage and transport available.

Marco and Andrea’s commitment in this field is 360 degrees! In fact, their company also deals with the reclamation of polluted areas and the disposal of construction site waste, toxic and non-toxic, such as asbestos (commercially called eternit).

Ecologica Umbra is the first step towards building a cleaner environment and a more sustainable business economy.



Info e Contatti: ECOLOGICA UMBRA, Strada Battifoglia, 12/T – S.Andrea delle Fratte (PG) / Tel. 075.5158504 / /