by Angelo Nai



Immersed in the vast beech forest of Monte Amiata, the adventure site “Indiana Park”, is a fun place and increasingly appreciated by a transversal audience. It develops in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding environment. An idea that comes from the foresight of Stefano Rossi and Annamaria Pinotti, great mountain experts, who in 2010 decided to take over a small structure at Prato delle Macinaie (Castel del Piano), evaluating Mount Amiata as an extremely characteristic place to set up this kind of activity. From that moment on, the growth of Indiana Park attracts thousands of adventurers from all over Italy and Europe every year.


The park guarantees experiences suitable for any age, from the baby path to that of children up to six years; Paths for children and adults, adding the innovative experiences of climbing on beech trees and jumping into the void from a height of ten meters! Among the most important innovations introduced by Indiana Park, there are different colours to match routes according to hardness, a mode – subsequently adopted nationally – that allows you to climb gradually and without confusion from the easiest to the most arduous. At the heart of the park’s offer there is undoubtedly safety, guaranteed by trained instructors ready to follow the people distributed on the various routes, in addition to rescuers who are ready, if necessary, to intervene in height.

In addition to the skills of staff, safety is enhanced by the technology available in the park, which, thanks in particular to the attention of Stefano and the staff, attracts the greatest innovations from the world of adventure parks; among the most important one is the advanced system of “continuous lifeline” – on the Amiata this kind od security is the first used in Italy – in which the carabiner is inserted allowing you to be hooked from the beginning to the end of the path, moving independently. Other safety measures are the helmet and harness as well: an initial briefing is carried out by an operator explaing how to carry out the routes.

Temperature is another strong point of the park, by virtue of the height of the Prato delle Macinaie (over 1300 a.s.l.): pleasant even on the hottest summer days. Routes extend under the beech trees, offering the possibility of being carried out at any time of the day. Indiana Park will continue in the coming years to invest in the Monte Amiata Park, aiming at its expansion and its enrichment while respecting the surrounding environment, and the relationship between man and nature that has always inextricably linked society to the beech forest of this mountain.



Info: Parco Avventura Indiana Park, Strada Provinciale delle Macinaie, Castel del Piano (Gr) / Tel. (+39) 334 2432044 / /