By Francesca Donatelli


Valentina and Roberta. In the heart of Poppi’s historic centre for 35 years, two women, two friends, two artisans whose lives have intertwined, and it’s fair to say, to build together a dream that has taken shape with the name ‘Diva Modacapelli’.



Vale and Roby met at a very young age, through different, yet similar paths of study and work. Roberta finishes school and goes to be employed in a salon in Soci, then studies at the Academy in Florence; Valentina does a vocational school in Arezzo – where there is a specific address for hairstylists. Both are passionate and motivated, eager to grow and learn; so, they meet at the Academy in Florence for a training course.

Valentina already had a license and opened a store on her own, but there were many difficulties. The meeting with Roberta came at the right time and they decided to become partners trying to walk a common path. After 35 years they are still together and still live symbiotically even their personal lives: marriage, children, friendship. In their professional routines, both are passionate, creative and always looking out for new things. They have been partners of ‘Wella’ one of the historical brands in the industry for years, they travel around Italy and Europe to learn new techniques. Since April 1, 1989 when they joined the company, they have never stopped.

They tell us how important manual skills are and how through their work they succeed in enhancing the identity of the people who come to them: the little girl with her first bleaches – who relies and comes out a woman; the boy with the grown-up cut – or the person somewhat in crisis with his own image who finds himself in the new customized look. Precisely because of this creative approach, in recent years they have become a point of reference for brides-to-be, who turn to them on the most important day. The hairdresser or Hair Stylist, as they call it, is an absolutely central figure for the perfect success of the event.

Roberta and Valentina explain the preliminary steps: a few weeks before the wedding they ask the bride-to-be to see the dress worn in photos, examine the length of her hair, discuss the wedding theme and analyse the accessories that will be part of the final look. They try to understand the bride’s expectations and, at the rehearsal stage, make professional suggestions regarding style that will best enhance the features and outfit. For the wedding, a hairstylist’s job goes far beyond simply styling hair but becomes a real mission: to ensure that the bride feels like the best version of herself on the most important day of her life.

After one, two or more trials, perhaps combined with the make-up chosen for the wedding day we arrive at the day of ‘Yes’. Each bride is different, each case is on its own, and each time we create that positive anxiety that contributes to perfection. It is necessary to have a detailed plan of action and also time to complete the bride’s hairstyle, in addition to possibly planning those of the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother, and any other guests.

Managing time and people is vital to ensure that everyone is ready and relaxed. The hairdresser is one of the first to arrive with everything needed: straighteners, blow dryers, brushes and curling irons, hairspray, bobby pins, and anything else that may be needed. In these moments Valentina and Roberta also give emotional support through their listening skills. Once the hairstyle is finished, accessories, such as the veil or flowers, are added, placing them perfectly and in harmony. A cloud of lacquer against the light, a final check, and the bride is ready to meet her future husband. The role of hairdressers on the wedding day is complex and multifaceted; in addition to high technical competence, a good dose of empathy, patience and organizational skills are needed. The task is to contribute to the magic of this day.

When asked what is the hairstyle that never goes out of style, they answer with confidence: the chignon is timeless, suitable for any age and can be customized to any wedding theme and bride’s expectations. High, low or straight, embellished with braids or decorated it is always considered an eternally chic option for brides.

Valentina and Roberta also play a very important role in the town’s historic centre as promoters of initiatives and events; they put a lot of emphasis on the location of their salon, in the shadow of Poppi Castle. Together they work as if they were one: born just a few days apart, it was as if they were destined for it all, under the gaze of the woman with braided red hair – a picture painted for them by artist Clet Abraham who, on the wall of their store, is the beautiful image that represents them.



Info: Diva Modacapelli, Via Cesare Battisti, 20, Poppi (Ar) / tel. 350 580 8875 / 0575 955653 /


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