By Federico Donti


Exactly on February 12, 2024, Samuele Bottega’s business celebrated its first five intense and adventurous years! Another Perugian pride, which shows us that Where there’s a will there’s a way. After twenty years of experience as an employee in the field of automated systems for hanging garments, on February 12, 2019 Samuele Bottega set up his own business and founded Double Esse, a business that he dedicates to his life partner, Stella.



His passion for mechanics began when he was a child, especially with the ‘Lego Technics’ and the ‘Meccano’. And that’s how back in 2001 he went from gaming to installing the first automated systems, never to stop! ‘Choose the job you love and you won’t work a day in your life,’ Samuel quotes.

The main work is the assembly of these systems in Italy and around the world – with great attention to post-installation assistance, which is sometimes necessary. His main client is Metalprogetti S.p.a. – a company where he has worked since 2001 and which, in 2018, he decided to leave as an employee to start his own business: “In addition to the parent company, some of my most important contacts are the exclusive salespeople of Metalprogetti USA, Metalprogetti UK and, here in Italy, ‘Remo Anania’ among many others”.

“It is a real blessing for me to do this job, because, in these five years of activity, I have had a very varied, exciting and satisfying life and profession”, Samuele tells us about many episodes and daring adventures lived around the world.

Just think that we had to interview him remotely: he is in fact in South Korea!

We will therefore stop to list some of his ‘enterprises’, including the one in Bergen, Norway, where he followed work at the Haukeland University Hospital, a structure of colossal dimensions (it has about 14000 employees!).

Or that of two private homes in Guatemala (2020) where he installed an automatic walk-in closet and an automatic shoe rack, or in the dream homes of Silicon Valley (which seem to exist only in the movies!).

Another particular job was on the ship ‘Aida Prima’, in which he followed the assembly at the shipyard in Nagasaki and then did the testing of the system installed at sea, starting from Singapore and up to Genoa.

Being always on the road and dealing with all the issues related to construction sites – it is a life of sacrifices but of great satisfaction and emotion.

Samuele is also keen to affirm that a fundamental role, from the beginning, has been played by his woman, Stella: the acronym Double Esse, in fact, condenses the initials of ‘Samuele and Stella’.

“My wife ‘supports’ me and above all always she ‘puts up with’ me,” he says proudly. On some business trips, Stella manages to follow him, trying to combine commitments and leisure, visiting new frontiers to discover other habits, peoples and cultures.

In recent months, Samuele has been supported by his father Vincenzo together with his young nephew Roberto, with whom we are already thinking about the near future of Doubleesse.

It is a pleasure to hear about one’s work with such enthusiasm. Our editorial staff can only wish them a bright future, conquering new markets and continents.



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