By Gianni Dei


During the summer months some gyms begin to empty, but completely abandoning muscle training can prove to be a mistake and make you lose most of the results achieved in the previous months.


During the warm season, many people start doing outdoor activities, such as outdoor games, bike rides and nature walks. These activities are certainly important for both health and spirit, but they are mainly exercises that improve the cardiovascular system. Cardio activity is good for the heart and circulation, it helps burn fat and eliminate toxins, but it cannot replace the benefits of muscle training.

You also need to be careful of excessively high temperatures. Carrying out demanding outdoor activities on very hot days can be excessive stress for the body and become counterproductive. Better to choose to train in air-conditioned rooms. In these hot months some gyms empty and people dedicate themselves to outdoor activities, but completely abandoning muscle training can turn out to be a mistake and make you lose most of the results achieved in the winter months.



“Why shouldn’t we continue our physical and mental training even in the summer?”

Here are 5 good reasons not to give up the gym when summer arrives.


Muscles burn calories and fat even when you rest: Cardiovascular activities such as cycling, running, swimming burn calories; but what most affects our body’s ability to convert food into energy is metabolism. People who have more lean mass (muscle) consume more calories not only during training, but also during all daily activities … even while sleeping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cardio training burns calories during exercise but does NOT increase metabolism.

Weight lifting and resistance exercise are helpful for maintaining bone density and helping build new bone tissue.

To stimulate bone growth and increase its mass, it is recommended to do strength training at least twice a week.

Good muscle tone improves posture.

Strengthening the muscles helps to maintain a better posture during sporting activities and also in daily activities, helping to prevent back pain and all the problems related to incorrect posture.

Pathology prevention

Some health problems, such as back pain, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and insomnia, can be improved by the practice of some physical exercises aimed at strength.

You will have a “beach body”

Another excellent reason not to stop training in the gym during the summer is “aesthetic”. After months of training and sacrifices to get a toned and harmonious body, why give up when it’s time to wear shorts and a swimsuit?


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