by Raffaele Cecchini


Today we are in Caterina Ragusa’s beauty salon in Strada in Chianti. On a crisp spring morning, Caterina enthusiastically welcomes us and talks about her experience – together with her daughter Noemi who has been following the beauty sector since 2016 with dedication and many innovative ideas.


Caterina tells us with sweetness and pride: “I am originally from Sicily, to be exact from Catania. I arrived in Florence when I was only two years old and, right from the start, I felt welcomed by the city. At the age of fourteen I began gaining experience at an important salon in Florence. At twenty, after six years of practice and daily commitment, I had already opened my shop! “. Her smile widens, her satisfaction is visible.

“With two collaborators of seventeen and forty years old”, she continues, “they often mistaken me for an employee, because of my young age …”. Caterina defines the relationship with the staff as that of a large family, together with her collaborators Sabrina and Marialuisa. Her motto and strength have always been the importance of teamwork and mutual support. Although there is no lack of hard comparisons, nor of funny and ‘loving’ situations.

Her goal is to always be at the forefront, in step with the times, in research and updating. Caterina boasts a high-level professional career: she has been taking part in international training happenings for thirty years now: Rome, Milan, London and Paris.

“My clients are simply ‘my pride and, of course, they are the most beautiful! I have always felt encouraged by them – they have brought me great personal serenity”. Some are very fond of and have been attending the salon for decades.

What are they looking for? “A time all for them and a service that goes beyond the professional part. They are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable products for the planet, thanks to increased ecological awareness “.

A real, innovative, original and creative image consultancy.

Over the years she has participated in events and fashion shows, combed the brides at Palazzo Pitti, also opened a concept store together with her brother Salvatore, architect and designer; all this to broaden her horizons and provide a more complete service, also taking care of fashion, room scents, personal fragrances and even fabrics.

Caterina is keen to remember how, in all this, her beloved parents have always supported and encouraged her. Her will determination for a ‘job’ that she cannot define as such are visible, she is so in love with it.

His daughter Noemi then entered the business in 2016 who, after graduating from high school language and studying three languages ​​in depth, earned her professional beautician diploma. Noemi claims to have fallen in love at first sight with the institute, which she attended with passion. Today you have both basic and advanced beauty equipment, such as laser hair removal with recognized effects and benefits; she also deals with body treatments, slimming, toning, wraps, scrubs, muds, massages and facial treatments such as anti-aging and acne. In short, a real beauty repertoire in view of the summer.

Less known is the ‘microneedling’ service with an immediate lifting and lightening effect for dark spots and reducing (double chin). Other services she deals with are classic, semi-permanent manicure, gel reconstruction, hand scrub (which eliminates dead skin and is a very beneficial treatment), eyelash lamination, henna-like dyeing that has a duration of approximately two months.

Noemi has created her own personal line of products for face and body, including a cleanser in foam micellar water (much more delicate and sensitive); then a face-neck serum, a face cream, an oil and body cream and a shower gel for all skin types. These are formulations with a predominance of aloe vera.


The photos in this report are by Chiara Brazzini, an emerging photographer from Strada in Chianti (Tel. 393 4959079)


Info: Caterina Hairdressers / Aesthetics Noemi: Via Boschi 3, Strada in Chianti (Fi) / Tel. 055 858128