Di Patrizia Cherici


Alessia is the owner of the salon “Emozioni Acconciature” in Anghiari: quality, professionalism and careful advice are her strengths. The beauty workshop this year celebrates its first fifteen years of activity!

“The hairdresser – says Alessia – is a beauty expert who, with passion, study and discipline, must know how to change and improve a person’s look and style, recommending a cut, a colour or a hairstyle that can enhance their face and personality, creating a unique and exclusive style that fully satisfies them and makes them feel good”.


“The passion for this job – says the owner – was born since I was a child when I enjoyed cutting hair and, in particular, doing Barbie hairstyles: in my mind I combined the idea of the hairdressing profession with hairstyles and when as a child I entered some salon, I spent my time observing the expert hands that moved through the hair, creating wonderful nuances, or flipping through magazines admiring photos of models. So after high school I worked hard to look for a professional hairdressing course and I enrolled in Florence, where I attended a first private year that directed me and opened the doors of this fantastic world starting from the basics, such as the classic hairstyle with the curler, up to the accurate ceremonial hairstyles”.

“After the course – she continues – I gained experience for a few years in some important salons in Sansepolcro (I take this opportunity to sincerely thank my former owners for everything they have given and taught me), but the enthusiasm that has always accompanied me on this path, pushed me to open my own shop: exactly fifteen years ago, On January 18, 2009, I realized my dream and “Emozioni Acconciature” was born. The name of the shop is inspired by Lucio Battisti’s song “You call them, if you want, emotions” because basically, every time I do my job whether it is a hairstyle, a colour or a hairstyle, for me it is a real emotion: this job is my life because it has given me and is giving me great joy every day!”

“I would like to emphasize – continues Alessia – that once upon a time the hairdresser’s profession was much more ‘manual’ than it is today. I was lucky enough to acquire that skill and receive that teaching and those notions in knowing how to use my hands in order to ‘create’ – a practice that has been a bit lost lately. In a constantly evolving world where we often helplessly witness the advance of artificial intelligence in all fields on a daily basis, I am increasingly happy that mine is a job that is mainly based on manual skills, inventiveness and creativity: all fields in which A.I. will never be able to compete with humans!”

Lucia is also part of the “Emozioni Acconciature” team: after a few months from the opening, in fact, she began her journey alongside Alessia, thus becoming for her not only a brilliant and professional colleague, but also a very good friend outside the salon! The world of the hair stylist is constantly evolving in which it is necessary to always keep up with the times; and that’s why every year Alessia and Lucia attend refresher courses, choosing them carefully, always looking for news and training that can really be important for the show, here in Italy or flying abroad.

“Emozioni Acconciature” is a unisex salon that works by appointment so as to avoid long and unnecessary waits, dedicating all the necessary and optimal time to each individual job.

“I pay particular attention – says Alessia – to the products I use: I am not relying to a particular company because in my opinion today the market offers a great breadth of products of the highest quality; So apart from a few items that I would define as ‘classic’ and that I couldn’t do without, I love to renew myself and always keep up with the times. In the shop I have two main lines: a more commercial one suitable for everyone and a more elite one that is “My Veg”, with natural products and exclusively Made in Italy. I have chosen this company with accuracy and meticulousness, also trying to follow what is now the market demand, thus proposing a type of product that follows the trend of “Clean Beauty” and that is beauty free from controversial and non-skin-friendly substances (such as silicones, paraffins and parabens) and with particular attention also to the environment.

Not only in the formula, as these are totally natural products made with the use of herbs, flowers and medicinal plants, but also in the packaging (choosing materials such as glass, aluminum and recycled paper) and in the production chain. The mission of this company is precisely to create ‘vital cosmetics’, inspired by naturopathy and the phytotherapeutic tradition with technological formulations that involve every sensory organ in order to enhance natural beauty and safeguard the well-being of each person – because nature itself is alive, since it follows harmonious and cyclical rhythms. The formulas are 100% active as in the products the distilled water is replaced by organic plant water, aloe vera juice or other plant extracts. Remaining in this field, I would like to say that after doing a lot of research, I came across an Italian company, almost totally unknown in the upper levels, based in Sardinia, and which has become the point of reference to develop my own line related to the brand “Emozioni Acconciature”.

Speaking of future projects, Alessia confides to us that she too, a bit like everyone else, has some dreams in the drawer: she would like, perhaps later, to work alongside and collaborate with some company that can take her around the world to make Italian style known and spread – or collaborate with wedding planners to ‘officially’ debut in the world of hairstyles for ceremonies! He continues: “Although whatever activity I carry out gratifies me, I do not deny that my true passion is precisely hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate for special occasions such as ceremonies and weddings. Going into specifics, especially those for brides, require a great and accurate process: the bride must be studied as a whole, both in her build and features; It is necessary to take into account her hair to be able to understand which type of hairstyle may be the most suitable. It is essential to know the make-up (beautician and hairdresser in this case create an inseparable pair) and to see the dress in time – since the hairstyle goes hand in hand with what will be worn: you need to know if she has a neckline or not, if she has sleeves, if she will have a veil or, understand the person in front of you and their needs so as to help make the most important day of their life special and unforgettable”.



‘Emozioni Acconciature’ is therefore synonymous with hospitality, friendliness and professionalism: let yourself be pampered by expert and friendly hands, without forgetting your ’emotions’!


Info: Emozioni Acconciature di Ruggeri Alessia – Via Nova 18, Anghiari (Ar) / Tel. 0575 788183 / emozioni.alessia@libero.it