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We have one in Mugello!


‘Florence Hills Hemp’ was born in 2013 when interest in hemp farming was still very low. Giulia and Matteo from the agriturismo ‘La Topaia’ in Borgo San Lorenzo had plenty of time to learn the secrets of this ancient plant in order to build their corporate identity.



Giulia and Matteo wanted to expand their interests beyond their hospitality business, and driven by a desire to innovate, they ventured into the cultivation of hemp flowers and CBD oil extractions. So, in the hills of Mugello, at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, we can now admire a beautiful hemp cultivation field near their agriturismo ‘La Topaia,’ surrounded by vineyards and wheat fields.

The company takes on the mission of revitalizing hemp cultivation, respecting and innovating the local tradition, and aiming to raise awareness against the demonization of this remarkable plant.




‘Florence Hills Hemp’ comes from certified industrial hemp cultivation in open fields. Every flower is produced naturally, harvested, and processed by hand to ensure high product quality and preserve all its aromas.

Buying directly from the producer ensures a safer and more affordable product! Florence Hills Hemp is a supplier of certified quality hemp flowers and can provide large quantities at competitive prices.





The company’s product is not to be considered a narcotic substance because its active ingredient content is not suitable for producing drug effects. It does not contain ingredients or components that could be harmful to human health. However, the producer and distributor are not responsible for improper use of the product.


The company sells products in various formats: 1g, 2g, and 10g. They offer two types of hemp flowers:

– Outdoor cultivation in open fields

– Indoor cultivation in greenhouses

The trim comes from small flowers that cannot be packaged. It is derived from the beating of the flowers, which produces pollen that is then pressed.




In addition to quality, the company is environmentally sustainable. Its goal is to provide a high-quality product with a focus on environmental sustainability. The production process includes sowing, harvesting, and processing, all done by hand to preserve the plant’s characteristics.


Giulia and Matteo are committed to maintaining high-quality standards; for this reason, each batch is analysed and certified by third-party laboratories to ensure its safety.





The company offers home delivery in less than two hours in the main municipalities of Mugello (Borgo San Lorenzo, Scarperia e San Piero, Barberino del Mugello, Vicchio, Dicomano) via courier.

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Please remember that sales are prohibited to minors!