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Beyond restauration: new life for the furniture of the past.



Margheri Antichità is an essential reference in terms of traditional furniture. The restorations he performs return not only the original splendor, but the soul. Better, the spirit. Which, as a consequence, spreads like an intense perfume in the environments in which they find new location: houses, shops, accommodation facilities.



We are in Tuscany in Borgo San Lorenzo, heart of Mugello, twenty kilometers from Florence in the ancient Palazzo della Concia, where for forty years Giuseppe Margheri and his wife Monica Ficini, together with good collaborators, collect and restore antique furniture of various eras. In this warehouse with beautiful cross vaults there is a large display of old furniture and furnishings for the Tuscan farmhouse. A wide choice of antique furniture: planks, wardrobes, chests of drawers, cabinets and dressers ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, and a particular selection of antique painted furniture, always present in our warehouse. Borgo San Lorenzo is also the town of Galileo Chini and the San Lorenzo Kilns, in our exhibition there are always ceramics of this famous manufactory, pride of our territory.



Our workshop continues the tradition of the Margheri family of Piazzano, carpenters since generations. We take care of the furniture bringing them back to their ancient splendor while respecting their characteristics: wood, patinas and hardware. We restore trying to always use antique material jealously guarded. We polish in spirit, we patina with beeswax, we perform gold gilding and lacquering with the methods of the past.



The characteristics of Tuscan furnishings? The harmony of the proportions, the simplicity and the use of unsolicited woods: fir, poplar and other soft woods. To the point that they often painted themselves to make them look a little more important”, Monica told us. “The restoration of painted furniture is one of our specialties. We are able to find the original colors, to integrate the color where necessary and to recover the decorative patterns”. The most recurring colors of the Tuscan tradition? Ochre, burgundy and light blue, with decorations almost always in the name of simplicity.



Eighteenth-century fir jambs from the Sienese countryside, closets and large nineteenth-century shelving that furnished the “offices” of a large farm, Florentine dressers in gattice (also known as white poplar) and other lacquered, the second half of the ‘600, chests and tables of various essences and all sizes, as well as chairs (also reconstructed, strictly on the original model and with recycled wood), bookcases, shelves and counters. The samples collection to be admired at Margheri Antichità, in Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) is truly spectacular and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for relocation to domestic environments, commercial premises and accommodation facilities.


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