By Jori Diego Cherubini



It is a state-of-the-art Euronics store, located in two towns in the area, Acquapendente and Castel del Piano. Entering it is like living a dream, at least for electronics enthusiasts, in fact you can find products of the highest quality: small and large appliances, televisions of all sizes, telephones, headphones, but also latest generation bicycles, games, stereos, assistance and even… solar panels.



In the corridors, in addition to the courtesy and preparation of the staff, you can find, as mentioned, products of the highest quality. Among the brands: Apple, Bosch, LG, Samsung, Beko, Mile. Among the segments that are most popular are televisions, with screens of all kinds, even gigantic ones, then washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, notebooks, and always, to be the master, it is technology that here takes on a leading role: “the top of the top – assures the owner Stefano Meaccini – from telephony (with telephone services included) to the latest product in chronological order represented by alternative energy, with the possibility of installing a family photovoltaic system, to be placed in common houses; We have received the first orders, it is a sector that is destined to become increasingly popular in the future.”

“We are also a point of reference for the elderly (and not only) – continues Meaccini – who receive maximum assistance here, if, for example, they have to change a telephone and transfer data from one device to another; We put a lot of emphasis on services and support.”



The shop in Acquapendente, where we are located, has six hundred meters of exhibition space: “Our work ends when the appliance is assembled at the customer’s home, we mop and say goodbye, deliveries are always made by us, we always like to put our face on it.” But that’s not all: “We are a shop with competitive prices and ‘neighbourhood’, in the sense that we are usually close to the customer also from a geographical point of view, from sales to home delivery for any problem or doubt we are always here”. As for telephony: “As I said, we deal with the absolute best segments, so Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and so on, with different types of prices.” Then there are the loans: “they can be personalized and with zero interest and interest; Throughout the year we offer several advertising campaigns with the related financial statements. In a short time, you arrive at the store, access the financing and within a few hours you receive the chosen product directly at home». Then the relationship with the employees: “we are a family, my guys are exceptional, we have always worked together with some of them.” Betting today in our territories is difficult, we have to deal with the competition of the web: «they are unfair – says the owner – they are companies that often do not pay taxes in Italy, they exploit workers and leave nothing to the territory, small local realities are often devastated, we muddy it because we are probably the first brand in Italy, and for the assistance and services we offer.”



History, In Brief


The beginnings date back to the 80s, when Stefano gave life to a small shop in the historic district of Acquapendente (Viterbo), then the novelty was the video recorder and consequently the video library, but also car radios, stereo systems, televisions with cathode ray tubes.

“In 1987 we were called CentroMusica – say the owner and his wife – The central point of a basin of about 30 thousand inhabitants. In 1990 we moved to a new store, expanding and moving on to other sectors, adding small and large appliances. From here we have made a big leap in quality. In partnership with my cousin Cesare, who was involved in after-sales (delivery and first assistance), then my wife arrived. Since 1997 there has been the second move, and we have moved along the Cassia, an important step for visibility and approach, with a parking lot dedicated to customers. With the arrival of telephony, we became a Tim centre and a first affiliation with Euronics, which was called Europoint. In 2005 the last move, where we are now, to the former agricultural consortium; it’s a job that I invented – concludes Stefano – we come from normal families, today there is a lack of entrepreneurial spirit and sacrifice, of trying to take risks, the idea of a permanent job prevails».



Info: Euronics Centre

Acquapendente (Vt): via Cassia, 47 – tel: 0763/734021

Castel del Piano (Gr): via del Gallaccino, 21/A – tel: 0564/956237