By Matteo Merciai


Chianti as a natural setting to live slowly and savour in every glimpse, step by step. Because walking is not a sport, but the opportunity to return to enjoy the intensity of the sky and the strength of a landscape: can such a simple gesture have such depth?



Yes, it is the categorical response of a territory that wants to rediscover slowness as the value of a stay that observes, photographs with the eyes and not only, investigates the exteriority of the landscape and the interiority of people who choose to walk. And in doing so they visit, discover, grow.

The Municipality of Greve in Chianti, as evidence of this trend dedicated to a slow welcome, has traced a new trail network of over 70 kilometres, divided into 6 routes technically called “rings” where departure and arrival coincide; a novelty that enhances the Chianti area and increases the offer of experiential tourism in the area, defined in close collaboration with the CAI Florence section (Italian Alpine Club). The itineraries identified wind through bridges, mills, churches, castles and millennial routes of Chianti, touch the most characteristic villages such as the castle of Montefioralle – from 2023 included in the list of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, and are accessible to expert and amateur hikers.

For those who love walking within reach of water, attracted by the possibility of cooling off in the clear river waterfalls, we recommend the first route: the Anello della Pesa or 6.5 km with a tourist difficulty level (T), begins and ends in Panzano in Chianti and exactly in the square renamed by the locals “campana” (Piazza Bucciarelli), known to rise exactly halfway between Siena and Florence, 30 km from both. From the medieval village of Panzano, you descend towards the white lands that reach the valley of the Pesa River, a natural oasis that offers wild and unprecedented views.

On the trail of history is, however, the Ring of Uzzano, bringing the traveller to the birthplace of the humanist Niccolò da Uzzano, who lived in the fifteenth century and was also Gonfaloniere di Giustizia of Florence. Departure and return from the market square of Greve in Chianti, where stands the monument to the traveller Giovanni da Verrazzano, are 6.5 km with a level of expert difficulty (EE) that cross the high medieval castle of the Da Uzzano’s family and the village of Convertoie; the latter in ancient times was called RipoMortoia, from the cliff used to execute prisoners but with the advent of the Lorraine and the change of function the name became Convertoie.

Also characteristic is the Ring of Montefioralle, a village recognized as the pearl of Chianti where every stone trampled is a journey into the past: The small town is characterized by a medieval structure perfectly preserved and visible in the paved streets, arches and stone houses. 8 km of tourist level (T), departing from Greve in Chianti continuing to the medieval villages of Montefioralle and Montegonzi. For those who want to have a complete view of Chianti, the Anello della Casa al Monte is what you are looking for. From above, the Chianti area is a perfect geometry of vineyards that intersect woods, a mixture of shapes and colours that become pure suggestion in autumn. The 10 kilometres of this path cross the dirt roads that, in ancient times, represented the connection between Panzano and Lamole. The itinerary begins on a dirt road, going progressively uphill, until it provides a privileged position to admire the Val di Pesa on the Panzano side and the Val di Greve once you arrive in Lamole. Hikers level (E).

If you want to stay at high altitude, we also recommend the Ring of Lamole, with departure and return in this small village of a few units, nestled between the Chianti hills. 13 km of hiking level (E) that never descend in altitude, climbing up to the highest peak of Chianti: Monte San Michele, where there is the Church of San Michele with an important fresco by the painter Paolo Schiavo dating back to the fourteenth century.



Finally, the Ring of Ruffoli or 14 km level Experts (EE) starting from the centre of Greve in Chianti: passing by the Richiari stream, after a wooded itinerary, you will find yourself in Ruffoli, an ancient medieval settlement where it is recognizable, at the top, the centre of Santa Lucia a Barbiano with medieval church and cemetery of the nineteenth century.


Info: The routes of the new trail network can be found online on the website