By Simone Bandini


Welchome is the International Agency of Dr. Linda Cesari – which has built its network of relationships around an innate, particular sensitivity, thanks to its academic commitment and her life experience. Founded in 2005, she made his way into the real estate business distinguishing himself for professionalism and reliability. We reconstruct her story and start a snapshot of this brilliant entrepreneurial reality.


We are in her office in Città di Castello; We reached it by climbing the stairs of a beautiful Liberty palazzo near the centre. I am immediately comfortable, as happens with a friend who has been attending for many years. “At the turn of the new millennium I graduated as an interpreter in Trieste with a natural preference for the English language. While I was following the latest courses and preparing the thesis, the case wanted that I knew a couple of wonderful British: Susan and Simon. So, I took to help them in their renovation project of an old farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside. I was passionate about the architectural and real estate aspects thanks to them, in the project of conversion of this rustic building lasting a few years – of dreams, challenges and intuitions “, tells us.

From here the departure of his entrepreneurial journey and an office in Piazza Sanzio, always in Città di Castello, collaborating with the engineers of ‘Umbria Projects’ with which she develops her technical skills and, especially, includes and makes her own the importance of being able to provide a complete service that can touch all aspects of the sale and renovation.

Then in 2019 the transfer to the new study in via Gramsci / Viale Vittorio Veneto (the offices have a double access) where we are now amiably talking: “I share the structure with a law firm. A collaboration that allowed me to deepen some issues, sometimes thorny, linked to transactions. It is my eminent modus operandi to find all the data and information necessary in order to offer the most complete and solid assistance “.

But what has changed in the imagination of the ‘foreigners’ who fall in love with the places and decide to take their elective residence? “The world has changed several times, and with it the real estate market. Expectations have changed, concretely. If before there was a univocal passion for farmhouses and isolation, this is now over. There is always a search for tranquillity but not for remote places, with the main services within a range of 15/20 minutes. Moreover, I detect the search for properties with tourist rental potential, thinking of the management of a bed & breakfast or a farm “.

In short, investments have become more ‘rational’ – even if the emotional, romantic component is not totally over reflecting in some ‘sentimental’ projects. It has been like this since the time of the Grand-Tour: “Today my main clients are American, Canadian, Australian and European in general. Before Covid-19 pandemia, on the other hand, the number of British was predominant “. Sometimes, it happens that a ‘perfect’ purchase – in the ideal pairing of needs and budgets – is overwhelmed by the psychological aspects of falling in love, which takes place punctually on properties, let’s say, ‘imperfect’! In this harmony of feeling, of irrational sensations: “I must say, in any case, that those who come to see me never get disappointed by the areas or solutions – which are truly heterogeneous”, specifies.

While working throughout Central Italy, Linda has a vocation for its land, Umbria: “A beautiful region with a particular light – otherwise we would not have had St. Francis!”. “Rather differentiated, as they said, different in the different valleys” – he continues – “its isolation has maintained the region authentic and, until a few years ago, I had to explain to my customers where it was in the world map … the quality of its properties is comparable to those of Tuscany but is less known, therefore less inflated, with its generous nature and the welcoming soul of its people: its history, spirituality, simplicity and rurality “.

But how does the selection of a property happen? What are the decisive criteria?

“The choice always starts, or almost, from the property, with its distinctive characteristics. The location is absolutely and always decisive together with its structural quality; Together with the farmhouses, the historic buildings or the characterized buildings are very sought after, with defined identities. Then the ease of the operation is decisive; For this reason, before proposing an object on the market, the technical and architectural condition must be carefully verified “.

The real estate consultant, ultimately, must reconcile the needs of all the parties involved in the transaction and then in the possible renovation: “I am part of real-life projects and it is good to do it with care and professionalism”.

“Easily, Safely, Happily with My Welchome”, is her motto.



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