By Simone Bandini


“One day machines will be able to solve all problems, but none of them will ever be able to solve one.”

Albert Einstein


We met again with Fabio Mangani of Omac to talk about the developments and, in particular, about a new investment that will be added to the internal production system in a strategic way.



In the logic of a further rationalization of the production chain, the future does not seem to have to wait long. We are already talking about technologies that respond to the need to equip companies with machines that work in unmanned time: “We already have one now and the next investment will arrive at the end of October (see photo) with a new high-tech device that will operate without the need to be controlled and manned, optimizing work at night and, often and willingly, even on Saturdays and Sundays,” Fabio Mangani, founder of Omac, tells us.

The target in the sights of the Casentino company is therefore to: “Look to the future with internal equipment capable of making up for the lack of skilled labour.” It is precisely this shortage – not so much the desire to reduce the number of employees – that has given a significant acceleration to research and investment in the automation sector.

This lack of ‘specialist’ operators is unfortunately “a common problem of the Italian industry, from the hotel industry to commerce and precision mechanics, as in our specific case”.

For this reason, Omac is investing in machines that are able to operate and produce without the help of personnel: “The first state-of-the-art equipment will arrive in Italy in August – it is a five-axis machine with continuous machining, a first for our country. Ours will arrive at the company at the end of October, we are proud of this advancement”.

Due to the technical characteristics, of which we are necessarily layman, his right-hand man Giampiero Laurenzano comes to our rescue and has already spoken to us several times, in recent editions, about technological development and strategic investments: “It is a 5-axis machining centre called ‘VARIAXIS i700 NEO WITH MULTI PALLET POOL (MPP) SYSTEM”. This system, we learn, was created to meet the growing demand for automation worldwide and has been designed to provide high productivity of large or small batches.

But what are the main advantages?

“Essentially three,” Laurenzano continues, “namely a compact footprint for the multi-pallet storage system, the ability to expand the initial MPP installation to meet growing production needs, and importantly, MPP uses the same software as Mazak’s FMS system, which has a worldwide reputation for ease of use and high productivity.”

This is absolutely ideal when automation is required in small spaces and you have limited space that prevents you from installing a horizontal pallet storage system.

Info: Omac, Via Romena 11, Poppi (Ar) / Tel. 0575 550469 /


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