by Federico Donti


A few steps from Perugia, the farmhouse “Le Cappuccinelle Suites & Spa” fits harmoniously into the Umbrian countryside and takes its name from the nuns – the first guardians of female emancipation – who once guaranteed women who they hosted a chance for redemption and social affirmation – in the 17th century an almost unthinkable condition.




The Cappuccinelle recall history and are inspired by the events of this place which, since its birth, has hosted women ‘too far ahead’ for their times; which were welcomed and found refuge in this space and, with the help of fate and nature, they were able to reorganize their lives.

The Cappuccinelle Spa was born with the idea of ​​being a place dedicated to finding oneself. Exclusivity, privacy and naturalness are reserved for guests in this ideal space, built for them, where they can regenerate and regain their lost temper, recovering vigour and well-being.

“Today we are once again offering a truly exclusive welcome service: we want to arouse that inner strength and that desire to go further, which we all need. How? With the rituals of our Spa and treatments designed on purpose, in the intimacy of the structure and with the use of handcrafted herbal products. Where one feels welcomed, like in the most ideal home”, they tell us.

The jewel in the crown is the beautiful ‘Private SPA’, built on two levels and which has a treatment station for couples, a private Jacuzzi and a sauna. With all the tools and services to achieve psychophysical well-being: try the ‘Sàna’ path, in the humid area, where pre-established temperatures and different steps guarantee total physical and mental relaxation, detoxification of the skin, acting on the immune system and freeing the respiratory tract. Furthermore, these rituals can be experienced by couples in loving moments: face and body treatments are accompanied by special tastings of garden products, organized by the “SetteDue Restaurant”.

“If you want to take some time just for yourself, stay in our rooms & suites – and book the treatments of the Spa, located on two floors, which will become your personal place of relaxation and refreshment”, advises the Director who continues: “The excellences of the territory, reinterpreted by our restaurant, surrounded by the lush greenery of the garden and the splendid infinity pool, are the perfect setting for your holiday”.

The “SetteDue Restaurant” is located in the centre of the small village “Le Cappuccinelle Suites & SPA” and is the terminal of the agricultural production of the farmhouse. “To ensure that all the aroma is preserved and before the stigmas open, the saffron is gently harvested at dawn in seventy-two minutes – which is the time it takes for the earth to rotate eighteen degrees”, they explain.

“The same passion and the same love, the same ‘logic’ of this particular crop, can be found in all our dishes. Our philosophy is entirely dedicated to well-being: we take care of our guests at any time of the day. The proposals for lunch are the result of a careful combination of fresh and genuine ingredients, dishes that are clean and light, yet complex and rich in suggestion, flavours and aromas.

The “SetteDue Restaurant” offers a daily menu with raw materials of its own production, rather than Umbrian farms and processing companies. This makes these dishes fresher and healthier and the rotation of the fruit and vegetables that are used, invites us to rediscover and respect the typical seasonality of this land. Tradition and innovation are skillfully blended aiming at the absolute quality of the products, with presentations that also know how to fill the sight before the taste.

There is no shortage of dishes with an international touch, included in the menu by the chef to offer the opportunity to travel around the world, while remaining comfortably seated. He personally takes care of planning the sowing of the various raw materials, in the garden just a few steps away.

The bright room opens up to the rest of the structure with large windows, large tables and comfortable armchairs that furnish it in a warm and welcoming style. In the summer months, the panoramic terrace overlooking the surrounding valley becomes the theater where you can spend mild and placid evenings in the greenery of this magical valley.

“Pleasure and beauty are the tools of nutrition. We must keep a constant eye on the future of the environment – which is a heritage to be preserved for future generations. Knowledge and respect are the way to stimulate creativity”, concludes chef Francesco Lattarulo.


Info: Le Cappuccinelle Suites & Spa, Via Tuderte 170, Perugia / Tel. 075 9698570 / /