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Enrico Morbidoni, a native of Spoleto, embarked on his jewelry-making journey in 1974 when he enrolled to the Institute of Art in Spoleto, the renowned epicenter of gold craftsmanship. This prestigious institution is renowned for producing some of the finest jewelers, providing Enrico with an excellent foundation in the art of jewelry making.



In 1986, Enrico co-founded Spoleto Gioielli along with several partners. Throughout the 1990s, Enrico and his family emerged as the principal stakeholders, steering the business toward its current success. Spoleto Gioielli is located in the historical heart of Spoleto, where their workshop is equipped with an array of sophisticated machinery. A skilled team transforms raw stones, sourced from Brazil and India, into exquisite jewelry. These stones arrive pre-cut, but it is within Spoleto Gioielli’s lab that they are crafted into unique designs.

Enrico is proud of the international reach of Spoleto Gioielli, with 60% of their products being exported globally. Remarkably, pieces have even been sold back to Brazil and India, the very countries from which the raw stones originate. Enrico views this as a poetic return to their source, where each stone finds its destined place on earth.

He holds a philosophical belief that every stone has a predetermined destiny, knowing its purpose and who will ultimately wear it. Women are the primary inspiration for Enrico’s designs. He believes each piece of jewelry is meant for a specific person, and the challenge lies in finding that person. Some pieces may sit for years, waiting patiently for the perfect match.

Among Spoleto Gioielli’s creations, their signature product is the ring. This three-dimensional masterpiece has been a staple in their collection for over 35 years. Despite its long history, the design remains modern and continues to captivate clients.

Enrico’s jewelry is distinguished by his unique design approach. This distinctiveness was highlighted when he saw an American actress at the Cannes Film Festival wearing one of his pieces. Although he had not directly sold the piece to her, it exemplified his belief that every stone finds its rightful owner, no matter how far it must travel. This moment affirmed the idea that a piece of jewelry, like a destined stone, will always find its true beholder among billions of people.

Enrico’s journey from a student at the Institute of Art to the head of Spoleto Gioielli is a testament to his dedication and passion for jewelry making. His ability to transform raw materials into works of art has not only made his pieces highly sought after globally but also imbued them with a sense of destiny and uniqueness. Every piece crafted in his workshop carries a story, a journey from the mines of Brazil and India to the elegant settings of Spoleto, and finally, to the hands of its destined owner. This blend of craftsmanship, destiny, and inspiration continues to define the legacy of Spoleto Gioielli.



Info: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 73 – Spoleto (PG) / Tel. (+39) 0743 221678 / www.spoletogioielli.com


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