By Patrizia Cherici


“The branches that follow the shape of the wind, crowns that tend to infinity. Its roots are the soul of the future, within it flows sap that generates life. The deep connection between man and Mother Earth.”


July 10, 2017 is a significant date for Elena and Veronica, beauticians with over 20 years of experience in the sector. In fact, it is the day when the young and enterprising professionals crown their dream, inaugurating the Sefirot Aesthetics in Anghiari. First of all, as Elena and Veronica affectionately remind us, “we must express our sincere thanks to all the people who, over the years, have grown fond of us, because it is also thanks to them that today we can tell this great success story”.



As often happens when we are interested in something and, in this case, when we write an editorial about a particular activity, what most stimulates our curiosity and imagination is the name. We ask Veronica the meaning of the name chosen for their beauty centre: “ The term Sefirot – she says – represents the tree of life and the entities from which it is formed: beauty, wisdom, understanding, intelligence; a profound passage from rigor to triumph. Personally, I Think it symbolizes everything we human beingsare in our entirety”. So,   having heard her words, one thinks that our shrewd beauticians have well grasped, with the name Sefirot, the value of the deep two-way bond existing between soul and body, giving a more holistic imprint to the now well-established traditional aesthetic.

And it is an undeniable fact that in the last seven years there has been continuous personal research that is fully reflected in a professional evolution of undisputed value, and that this is particularly evident starting from last year, when the knowledge gained in both areas led Elena and Veronica to a real turning point, well represented by the introduction of various innovations in its beauty centre. Veronica tells how at the base of this path of growth we can place the experience lived in the period of the ‘pandemic’ which has clearly accentuated the need for a different and more introspective key to reading and interpreting everyday reality.

On the basis of these considerations, we can perceive the great effort and the deep tension that Elena and Veronica must have faced in the attempt, excellently obtained, to translate their inner change into practice, thus attesting to that “search for something different even in our manual work”, they candidly confess to us. Veronica continues: “The traditional basic aesthetics is my work and I like it very much and it remains for me something wonderful within the monster institute, but I was looking for something that was even more intimately connected to my different and more complete perception of people’s needs. During the period of mandatory closure imposed, I had the opportunity to approach the world of yoga and this allowed me to rework the relational and work dynamics also from a psycho-physical point of view and not only from a purely physical point of view”. As anticipated above the lines already after the second year of opening, Elena and Veronica were toying with the idea of tailoring the existing business they had taken over, feeling the need to ‘make it their own’, as close as possible to their feelings and understandings, but due to inevitable unforeseen events they had to wait until 2024.



In fact, although the Sefirot Beauty Centre was born as a classic wellness aesthetic, just over a year after opening, we are beginning to witness a gradual and progressive growth transformation, thanks to the inclusion of technologically advanced equipment for the treatment of face and body. What marks the real turning point is the opening of the doors to the thousand-year-old Indian tradition of the Ayurvedic world. To understand the significance of this choice, a brief description of what such a complex system of knowledge as Ayurveda contemplates is necessary.

The term Ayurveda derives from the fusion of the Sanskrit words ayus “lifespan” and veda “revealed knowledge”. Ayurveda, next to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the oldest systems of natural medicine, today also recognized by the World Health Organization and officially practiced, as well as the source of numerous scientific publications of undisputed validity also in the West. The peculiarity of all these oriental disciplines that characterizes them and profoundly distinguishes them from current Western medicine, is a unitary and holistic vision of man: a whole in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, mother earth, from which he draws life and subsistence. Ayurveda therefore identifies not only a lifestyle, but more properly a philosophy of healing, and thus finds itself crossing over from nutrition to physical exercise through meditation and herbal medicine, body care and beauty treatments, care of the mind and spirit. The conception of reality according to this philosophy of life reflects that of a natural world based more on what people want today, and that is to have more contact with nature, freeing themselves from the stress of everyday life.

In such a panorama, Elena and Veronica propose to offer, in their beauty centre, a small corner of paradise, a real oasis of relaxation between relaxing music and scents of nature concentrated in essential oils. All this has also been made possible through structural changes, which have seen the creation of two additional functional cabins dedicated exclusively to the world of Ayurveda and aromatherapy, for a multisensory experience, while the other two host more traditional beauty treatments. In this regard, it is important to emphasize that these are not two separate and contrasting worlds, but complementary approaches capable of creating a perfect synergy. “Essential oils,” says Veronica, “are called ‘our little angels’ because they can help us in daily life both physically and psychosomatically, and in Ayurveda they are fundamental. With them it is possible to carry out real Ayurvedic rituals using them during massages.

“Ayurveda,” Elena continues, “conceals a real world, to which people approach in search of help aimed primarily at psycho-emotional well-being, thus confirming both the oriental wisdom and that of the ancient Romans, according to whom it was ‘mens sana in corpore sano’.”Of great interest for those who are new to the subject and decide to entrust the care of their well-being to the experience of Elena and Veronica at the Sefirot Beauty Centre, is the fact that there are three prevalent types of massages, in relation to body type: Pitta, Kapha and Vata. These are purifying, detoxifying, calming, draining treatments, with countless properties. Where Vata is an extremely purifying treatment for the body and mind, Pitta is indicated if you want to have a calming effect, while Kapha is a deep cleansing massage that mainly involves body fluids, acting on microcirculation and lymphatic system. However, all three massages include a facial, because according to an overall view, it is not possible to treat one part of the body while excluding another: therefore, it starts with the scalp and ends with the feet. Alongside the Ayurvedic massages, there are rituals made with completely natural products created by the Lakshmi company, suitable for treating all types of blemishes. It is then possible to associate these manual techniques with the machinery present in the institute: one does not exclude the other, on the contrary they are complementary to each other and create a perfect synergy to obtain the best results and regain the perfect physical shape.

Veronica explains: “These skills in the field derive from the studies carried out by me and Gaia (our irreplaceable and competent collaborator!) which allowed us to obtain a Master’s degree in Ayurveda by receiving the national certificate of ‘First Level Ayurvedic Therapists’, which also allows us to work alongside Ayurvedic doctors. It is our intention to continue these studies to reach the third and final level.

“Elena concludes: “Of course, as a traditional beauty centre, Estetica Sefirot offers all the services inherent to our business from hand treatment (classic manicure and nail art) to pedicure, from classic hair removal to Brazilian hair removal for both women and men, from facial treatments (peeling, anti-blemish, illuminating and anti-aging treatments) carried out with high cosmetic products of the Parisian brand Matis, to make-up for ceremonies or photo shoots, including shootings for fashion shows. In conclusion, when the adventure began, one wonders if it was Elena and Veronica who chose the name of the beauty centre, or vice versa! Certainly, the non-coincidence is evidenced by the farsightedness of our two wonderful beauticians: seven years in advance, the current reality of Estetica Sefirot was already written, showing how in the end the line between ardently desiring something and its manifestation is so thin. Sefirot represents, after all, the different and complementary entities of the tree of life…



Info: Estetica Sefirot di Rongo e Buzzichini – Via Guglielmo Marconi 2, Anghiari (Ar) / Tel. 0575 788681


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