by Federica Del Grazia


Piazza Grande is in the heart of Arezzo, among historic buildings that are characterized by different architectural styles. The constant melody of the voices animate the streets, the square is majestic and rich in history, the morning sun shines brightly on the Logge Vasariane, the monumental Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici and the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, highlighting the finishes and features of the buildings.

It was 1980 when Memmo told his wife Bruna to dress up because “they had to go out”. She was completely unaware of what they were going to do, but when they returned home that day they had signed the starting point of a story made of tradition and passion that has been handed to the next generations.

Guglielmo Fazzuoli’s journey began in a small trattoria in Colcitrone (the name the inhabitants of Arezzo use to refer to the Porta Crucifera district), where his sons Marco, Maurizio and Andrea grew up they enthusiastically lent a hand ever since they were teenagers.

Four years later a new project began, which, despite the necessary sacrifices the whole family welcomed with a bold spirit of enterprise: they moved to Piazza Grande and in the historic building of the Palazzo delle Logge, the “Ristorante Logge Vasari” was born.

The restaurant is located in a building which was designed by Giorgio Vasari. It was created in the spaces where the ancient salt customs were and it succeeded right from the very start in combining the history of the city of Arezzo with the simplicity of the culinary traditions of its people, the restaurant soon acquired that prestige and fame that was confirmed over time.

In 1993, Andrea and Maurizio with their wives Michela and Marzia decided to carry on with the family business and tradition by opening the “Trattoria Lancia D’Oro”, where long spears that recall the famous Giostra can still be seen today.

The continuous search of new styles, combined with the study of local ingredients, which have always been carefully selected together with the chef, have captured the hearts of people from Arezzo and beyond. Constant commitment and continuous dedication have helped to integrate family tradition with new and elegant recipes.

From the typical simple dishes of the Tuscan tradition, in the early 21st Century, we moved on to haute cuisiné, opting for a restyling of the interiors of the “Logge Vasari” in order to combine the intimate warmth of pietra serena with refined and elegant furnishings. It is impossible not to breathe in the history that transpires from every corner, thanks to the careful choice of Renaissance style furniture and the magic of the frescoes which were brought back to life by the restoration of the vaulted room, and the oil press and the safe carved in stone. expertly preserved and restored.

The soul of the two restaurants, albeit slightly different ways, revolves around the same philosophy: nothing in the attention to detail is left to chance. In both cases, excellence guides the spirit of refinement that characterizes the restaurants as can be clearly perceived from the intense but refined balance of flavors and the final presentation and serving of the dishes.

As Marino Niola writes “If food is the most universally human language, every kitchen is the mirror of a society.” In short, being guests of the Fazzuoli family is much more than an experience focused on elegance and taste, but a real journey into the roots of a profession capable of looking to the future with an eye of gratitude and memory. towards the past.


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