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Norcineria e Fattoria in Norcia celebrate age-old traditions of crafting exquisite cured meats and farm products. Ulivucci’s farm and norcineria activities have been passed down from Catia’s and Claudio’s parents, deeply rooted in their DNA. Claudio grew up immersed in cattle farming and milk production, a family tradition started by his father and grandfather. Over time, he took over the business, continuing it for a few years until 2012 when he decided to join the Ulivucci business. This transition marked the transformation of the farm from milk production and cattle farming to the cultivation of typical legumes and cereals, destined for direct sale in the shop.



Similarly, Norcineria Ulivucci was taken over by Catia’s father at the age of twenty. Initially, Catia’s father worked as a norcino, specializing in this handcraft, and later created a pig farm and a processing laboratory for the production of cured meats, which were then sold in the shop. However, over time and with new regulations, the activity has focused exclusively on the sale of cured meats purchased from an artisanal laboratory in Norcia.

The most challenging moment they had to face, both as a family and with their activities, was the earthquake in 2016. The territory, immersed in greenery and rich in diverse seasonal landscapes, offers experiences of contact with nature and walks in the woods, but at the same time, it is a land that takes much away. In 2016, they found themselves with an uninhabitable house, damaged facilities, and a completely changed and destroyed landscape, with their monuments and landmarks gone. Thus began a reconstruction effort that required enormous energy.

Despite eight years having passed, the land is still wounded, and there is still much to do. The solidarity of the Italians has been immense; Italy showed its heart in those moments, and with everyone’s help, Catia and Claudio managed to overcome the very tough initial moments. The online sales channel allowed them to keep the business open and not abandon these lands.

Currently, Norcineria Ulivucci is still outside their historic headquarters, located right in front of the Basilica of San Benedetto, so you can find them 50 meters from the Ascolana door, right outside of the walls of the town. They risked Norcia becoming a ghost town, but thanks to those who continued to live and invest in the territory, Norcia has been bravely returning to normal.

Regarding the farm, the initial use of the fields for livestock farming has been converted into the cultivation of typical products, with the introduction of some innovations. Lentils, particularly rich in iron and easy to cook, are a product of excellence. Since 2023, the cultivation of black lentils has also been introduced. These lentils are even smaller, easy to grow, and very tasty. Also, spelt, processed for soups or whole. The cultivation of chickpeas was then introduced, both the white, small, round, smooth-skinned ones, and the black ones, which are more wrinkled and have a higher iron and Omega-3 content.

Another typical product worth mentioning is the roveja, a legume native to this area. Roveja is a variety of pea that grows wild and is now cultivated. It is used to make a traditional dish called “farecchiata,” a very simple yet flavorful dish from a peasant cuisine, which is essentially their version of corn polenta. It is a true uniqueness of our region. Additionally, each of these legumes contributes to creating the landscape that beautifies the valley.

For Norcineria Ulivucci, the main products are cured meats and typical cheeses such as il “Prosciutto IGP”, “Guanciale” and il “Pecorino” cheese. The production is not done on a large scale but offers authentic and high-quality products to customers with a production with 100% of Italian animals handcrafted according to the local tradition. All their products can be found on the website and shipped directly to you.

Visiting Norcia, eating their traditional food, seeing breath-taking landscapes, being in contact with a traditional local family like Ulivucci and, ultimately, having an authentic Umbrian experience makes all of it a place you must visit!



Info: Via della Stazione, 1/e, 06046 Norcia PG / Tel. 320 868 7487 /


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