By Guilherme Caleffi Spindola


A glass with an elegant shape and water droplets, the sound of ice meeting glass, the refreshing aroma of a herb leaf, the touch of lips on the plastic straw, and finally, the liquid reaching the mouth, bringing all the flavors a good cocktail can offer. A drink that evokes such pleasant sensations is not just a combination of ingredients but an alchemy crafted by an artist who uses the right techniques and intentions to create a masterpiece.



The story of D’istinto Bar parallels the creation of a successful cocktail. The first crucial factor is the extensive experience Cristiano Cardoso has gained over the past 15 years. Since 2009, he has worked as a barista and bartender in some of the best bars in Terni. Throughout the years, he collaborated with various professionals, developed his skills, gained experience in the beverage sector, opened his first bar, and acquired entrepreneurial knowledge.

By 2019, Cristiano had sufficient expertise to establish D’istinto. Two professionals he met along the way were Michela Maiolo and Roberto Diomei. Michela initially worked in another sector but fell in love with the art of beverages and never looked back. Roberto, seeking new challenges, transitioned from a family furniture store to the beverage industry. All three are certified sommeliers and bartenders from AiBES (Associazione Italiana Barmen e Sostenitori), ensuring they have the necessary knowledge to make D’istinto a reference point for coffee and cocktails in Terni. Besides the three partners, a team of ten collaborators and chef Tatiana Kovalikova work in harmony to make this café cocktail bar function seamlessly every day. The choice of the right ingredients (in this case, the people) has created a perfect recipe, providing customers with an experience that keeps them coming back.

Starting at 7:30, breakfast is served, offering a full range of bread, pastries, and coffees. Their most famous sandwich is the tramezzino, a local tradition. The establishment that previously occupied their address pioneered bringing the tramezzino from Rome to Terni. Hand-made pasta, traditional from the local cuisine, is served for lunch, combined with innovative off-menu dishes, offering different options every day according to the season and fresh local ingredients. In the evening, the place transforms into a bistro, offering more than just aperitivo. It’s possible to try, for example, tartare, an artisanal hamburger, or carpaccio. D’istinto serves the entire central region of Terni with food deliveries that can be ordered through their WhatsApp throughout the day.

When asked what he attributes the success of D’istinto to, Cristiano said there are many places for breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, and dinner in Terni. Even a new cocktail can be reproduced in other bars. However, the team makes all the difference, ensuring everyone who frequents D’istinto feels at home and wants to return.

From the early morning aroma of freshly brewed coffee and artisan pastries to the exquisite hand-made pasta for lunch, and the elegant bistro offerings for dinner, D’istinto caters to every culinary desire, making every visit a delightful journey for all the senses. The skilled team, led by the experienced Cristiano Cardoso and his passionate partners, Michela Maiolo and Roberto Diomei, ensures that each cocktail and dish is crafted with the utmost care and creativity. Whether seeking a quiet breakfast, a mouth-watering lunch, a sophisticated aperitivo, or a delicious dinner, D’istinto provides the perfect setting for any occasion. Discover why D’istinto is Terni’s trendiest destination for exceptional food and drinks.



Info: Via Carlo Goldoni, 29/31, Terni (TR) / Tel. (+39) 074 4463961 / @distinto_cafe


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