By Patrizia Cherici


(Dedicated to a special person, Giovanni Rubechini, a friend and a great master of artisanal ice cream)


The ‘Battaglia Bar’ was born in May 1992 from an idea of Pasqualino and Giovanna who decided to unite not only in their married life, but also in their working life. The name chosen for the restaurant originates from the street where the ice cream parlour is located, as well as from the famous fresco that Leonardo da Vinci created in 1503-1504 (commissioned for the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence) which depicts an episode of the clashes between the Florentine and Milanese armies of June 29, 1440 – which took place in the plain of Anghiari. This pictorial scene has also become the logo of the bar and is reproduced in the shopping bags.



“My passion for my work,” says Giovanna, “has matured over time. When I started this business with my husband, we were very young, but the enthusiasm we had at the beginning has always accompanied us in all the years to come: this bar was (and is!) our second home, spending most of our (my) days there! When my husband passed away, I decided to continue with the help of some employees. Then, about two years ago, my granddaughters Rachele and Rebecca joined the team: this is a source of joy and pride for me because the business will be able to continue to exist as a family tradition!”

The jewel in the crown of Bar La Battaglia is definitely the delicious homemade ice cream! “Many customers,” says Giovanna, “compliment me, telling me that it is one of the best homemade ice creams in the valley! Honestly, I’m proud of it because I dedicate most of the day to its preparation, putting a lot of enthusiasm and love into it. I was very lucky because I had an excellent teacher, Giovanni Rubechini, a true artist of artisanal ice cream who unfortunately passed away last year: he passed on his passion to me, also teaching me the little big tricks of the trade”.

“For my ice cream I use all natural products and the fruit flavours are made with fresh fruit. In recent times, especially my niece Rebecca, helps me in the preparations and is becoming really good: she works hard with perseverance and dedication which are the secrets to a good success! It is she who often takes the initiative to invent new flavours: recently, for example, we have created the ‘variegated yogurt with mango and macadamia‘ and the ‘pistachio cremino‘. Also good and particular are the ‘peanuts‘ ice creams, made with caramel and ground salted peanuts that make them delicious, with a pleasantly grainy structure and an intense taste rich in contrasts and the ‘cerasaè‘ made with white chocolate and black cherry brittle”.

Also sought after in this period are the liquorice flavours, French vanilla, in addition to the traditional fruit flavours such as watermelon, melon, peach and mango. An excellent alternative to ice cream is fresh yogurt created by hand with high quality products that can be enjoyed plain or stuffed as you prefer (for those with a sweet tooth we recommend Nutella and chopped hazelnuts!).

“In the summer – continues Giovanna – ‘Bubble Tea’ is in great demand, a refreshing tea-based drink, created and initially spread in Taiwan in the 80s: it is a fine green tea flavoured with tasty fruit syrups and enriched with surprising and colourful pearls of fruit concentrate that, breaking in the mouth, make the flavour of the drink more intense with every sip: It is gluten-free and lactose-free and can be enjoyed with green apple, lemon, mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry and passion fruit.”

The bar is open every day from 5.30 a.m. until late. It boasts a large outdoor area and is a great place to have breakfast with fresh pastries, sandwiches, cappuccinos and coffee or for a snack at lunch with the delicious stuffed pizza or to drink an aperitif with friends!

Any time is the right time for a break at the Bar Gelateria La Battaglia where, in a familiar and cheerful environment, you will be welcomed by the always jovial and helpful staff and captured by the engaging sympathy of Giovanna and her two beautiful granddaughters Rebecca and Rachele!



Info: Bar La Battaglia – Via della Battaglia 2, Anghiari (Ar) / Tel 339 5815253


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