Di Guilherme Caleffi Spindola


Cone or cup? How many scoops? Cream on top? After those questions, the cool, creamy gelato melts on your tongue, bursting with rich flavors of fresh ingredients. The sweet aromas mingle with the warm Italian air as you savor each silky, smooth bite, a true delight of Italian culture.



Alfredo and Adriana Occasi were both born in the charming town of Spoleto. After spending several years in Milan, they returned to their hometown when their son, Fabio, was only eight years old. In Spoleto’s bustling Piazza del Mercato, there was a bar up for sale, and the couple, seeking a new business venture, decided to take it over. In 1978, they opened Bar Primavera, naming it after a place in Milan that held many cherished memories for them.

A few years into running the bar, Alfredo’s passion for gelato began to shine through. He harbored a deep love for this quintessential Italian treat and was determined to create the best gelato in the region. With this goal in mind, Alfredo studied under some of the finest gelato makers in Umbria, honing his craft to perfection. In 1985, he fulfilled his dream by opening his very own gelateria, aptly named Gelateria Primavera.

Fabio, having grown up in this vibrant family business, was immersed in the world of gelato from a young age. Family stories fondly recall how he used to arrange chairs in a row to sleep on them during long days at the bar. As he grew older, he learned the intricacies of managing the gelateria and the art of creating authentic gelato from his parents. Fabio’s dedication to his craft led him to further his education at the University of Flavors in Perugia, where he gained additional technical knowledge to enhance their gelato recipes.

In 2003, as Alfredo and Adriana retired, Fabio and his wife Cristina took over the business. They continued the family legacy, infusing their own passion and creativity into Gelateria Primavera. Over the years, they have perfected a wide array of flavors, always listening to customer feedback and studying market trends to create new and interesting options. On any given day, customers can choose from around 40 different flavors, each crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.

When asked which flavor is their favorite, Fabio and Cristina find it difficult to choose. They pour so much passion, time, and study into all of their creations. However, their hazelnut gelato has won an award, a testament to their dedication and expertise. Among the top-selling flavors, chocolate, hazelnut, and pistachio stand out as perennial favorites.

Today, Gelateria Primavera caters to a diverse clientele with a variety of dietary preferences. All flavors are gluten-free to prevent cross-contamination, and there are options without sugar, without lactose, and even vegan alternatives. Beyond traditional gelato, the gelateria offers an array of gelato-based desserts, including milkshakes, affogato, banana splits, gelato spaghetti, and granita. Additionally, customers can enjoy frozen yogurt with a wide selection of toppings.

Gelateria Primavera stands as a beacon of gelato excellence in Spoleto, blending tradition with innovation to deliver an unforgettable Italian experience. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that their gelateria remains a beloved local treasure. Come visit Gelateria Primavera in Piazza del Mercato, Spoleto, and treat yourself an authetic gelato!



Info: Piazza del Mercato, 7 – 06049 Spoleto PG / Tel. 0743 48580 / www.gelateriaprimaveraspoleto.it


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