Computer sales and assistance, mobile phones repair, cartridges, printers, but also gaming and driving and flight simulations. All this is 2.0 informatica, a shop-workshop in Castel del Piano – opened in 2006 – and specialising in everything related to information technology. The owner, Daniele Sensi, in addition to being a big video game enthusiast, is deeply knowledgeable in his subject, not surprisingly, as in parallel with the above business, he teaches IT courses (including remotely) to remove all difficulties with computers and video games.

Daniele, born in 1985, had understood at the age of 22 what his professional path would be, which, coincidentally, coincided and coincides, with his passion: computer science. Opening a shop was a consequence of that: “Over fifteen years – he tells me – we have become experts in many sectors, starting with mobile phone and computer repairs: updates, antivirus, operating system and program installations”. But there is also an at-home service: “If it comes to configuring the wireless printer with the network, internet problems or replacing a modem, for example, we will go to the customer’s home to do it.” Alternatively, you can also take advantage of remote assistance: “In practice – he explains – I connect to the computer remotely and proceed with the repair in real time.” At 2.0 Infomatica we also have Eolo: “a company that invests heavily in Amiata, Val d’Orcia and Siena, and guarantees individuals and companies an ultra-fast connection (up to 100 megs) in an area where there was a shortage of fast connections.” But the owner’s great passions are gaming and flight simulation: in the first case we mean computer gaming in a world around which hyper-technological products revolve: “whoever does it professionally – he observes – needs calibrated computers, a desk, an armchair and a fast connection; in the last year we have developed this sector, which is experiencing exponential growth, also from the point of view of as a movement with teams participating in international tournaments.” Many are entering this world thanks also to Covid19 and need ad hoc advice and materials. From 2021 there will be the possibility to test computers (but calling them that is perhaps an understatement) directly in the store at 2.0 informatica: “the idea – the owner explains – is to create workstations for driving simulations, where the customer tries out the product and, if they want, can copy it at home: chair, 39-inch extended screen, joy stick; we help the enthusiast all the way, possibly teaching him to assemble and disassemble a computer: it is a way to increase trust and the human factor.” As for flight simulation, it has reached sensational levels where, with computers, and a screen capable of replicating a cockpit, it is possible to simulate a real flight also emotionally: “It’s just like flying an aeroplane, with timings, real rules and processes: you can choose between ‘on sight’ modes (where, for example, you take off from Grosseto, fly over Mount Amiata and return) or ‘scheduled flights’, with flight plans and weight balances, as in the real world.” In short, by fully exploiting the capabilities of the computer, the difference between virtual and real becomes imperceptible.

Among the many services offered, flyers, prints, business cards, bags, remanufactured cartridges (a sector under development), sale of mobile phones, printers, and a wide range of products such as toners, processors and re-manufactured computers: “a broken mobile phone can have a second chance: we bring it back to life, and the same goes for computers, even obsolete ones: with a little money they are restarted, so to speak, being able to function very well and for a long time to come.”

Finally, a hope from Daniele for the area: “I hope – he tells me – that in the Amiata and Val d’Orcia the digital divide will be overcome, which would mean further growth from an IT point of view, we could become the Italian Silicon Valley, we are an area very suitable for companies, which, with us, could work in a welcoming, computerized and isolated place, morphologically similar, in fact, to Silicon Valley, with beautiful nature, restaurants and services to hand.”

Info: 2.0 informatica. Via S. Allende, 10, Castel del Piano (Gr) / Tel 338 2694182 / mail: due.zeroinformatica@gmail.com / web: 20informatica.it

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