by Federica Del Grazia


“The theatre is the temple of emotions, continuous transformation, where nothing is real but everything is true, where you can find a human heart behind the scenes, in the hall and on the stage”, writes Victor Hugo.

Alexandra and Tomaso, together with their family, brought their hearts to their own “stage”, adding a background music which is reminiscent of the past.

Historic and majestic, Arezzo shows it’s great cultural heritage, as it stands imposing among the green hills that surround it.

The light dims, the curtains open and the revelation begins. It is about the mid-nineteenth century when the brothers Giovan Battista and Pietro Occhini begin to take to heart the fate of a historic building located at the foot of the San Fabiano hill, and decide to expand the existing structure and continue the local agricultural and wine tradition. In an atmosphere which is reminiscent of Piero della Francesca’s landscapes. The thirteenth-century estate of Villa La Striscia thus comes to life again and, from that moment on, will take the name of the new farsighted owners.

Time passes. The scene shifts to the Post Second World War period: Ilaria Occhini enters the scene, an unforgettable face of theatre and cinema – whose initiative gives new light to the villa. Reopening the doors to the renovated Fattoria la Striscia. That first strip of land outside the city walls that had provided good wine for the people of Arezzo since the Middle Ages, is cultivated once again to wine production.

In the new millennium: Ilaria continues her project getting her daughter Alexandra involved. The scenography changes: the innovative spirit with which Alexandra takes care of  restyling the interiors and gardens give the property that country chic style, and sought after design, which distinguish it today.

“I was inspired by the atmosphere of teather and influenced the style of the place”, says Alexandra. “I had previously the opportunity to work as an artistic producer and I wanted to tell a story made of souls, where enchantment serves as a lever to enter a new magic and fairytale world “, she tells us.

The restaurant area of ​​the Loft is a place designed for cultural events with all the theatrical and scenographic knowledge of the family later to become a place where refined cuisine and wine are blended with culture.

Walking through the estate you can immerse yourself in a sensory journey through different atmospheres, scents, colours and materials, that are strong at times, sweeter at others. It is an intimate place where you can be surprised and enchanted at every step. A sublime example is the secret garden of very special roses and bucolic scents – which perfectly matches the retro charm of the Italian garden and the exotic character of the loft.

The young Tomaso, Alexandra’s son, tell us about the need for innovation

“Arezzo is a place which is full of life and culture, but you know, living in the city in the summer can be problematic. The oasis created by Alexandra with its bucolic features and design, brings fresh air to the torrid climate “, explains Tomaso.

This is how the enchanting evenings of Alexandra Loft come to life in the magical setting of Tenuta La Striscia. There are three different places to spend the evening: it all begins with the aperitif delicious sandwiches, accompanied by live music and a full-bodied glass of wine, or by refreshing cocktails to be savoured in the gardens.

We then move indoors where soft candle lights accompany the sea flavours of the menu, relaxing your senses after a long hectic day; Finally, after dinner we can enjoy the crisp evening air on the porch sipping a cocktail, accompanied by the live sessions of the artists.

In Alexandra Loft, music is very important: every weekend one can listen to different groups and genres, which give extra rhythm to Arezzo’s nightlife. Letting yourself be inebriated by the enchanted atmospheres, and the wide choice of wines. “La Striscia has always provided the city with good wine; I like to carry on the idea that even today La Fattoria, together with the Loft, keep the tradition going without forgetting the history that brought us here “, explains Tomaso.

The 2019 Sangiovese-Cabernet Sauvignon blend produced by Cantina Occhini is called “Ilaria”, the active commitment of the great actress both on stage and in safeguarding an important family in memory of tradition.


Tenuta La Striscia also provides accommodation and organises guided tours and wine tasting in the historic nineteenth-century cellar, next to Alexandra Loft. Thus the roots of an artistic tradition are design acts as a trait d’union with the new ambient where family memories are intertwined  with gracefulness and beauty.



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