Di Guilherme Caleffi Spindola


Imagine biting into a slice of authentic Italian pizza, where the crust is soft, crispy, and light as a cloud. A rich and aromatic tomato sauce perfectly blends with the fior di latte mozzarella, each bite bursting with the vibrant and fresh notes of basil. It’s a simple masterpiece, crafted by Bibi Pizzerie.



The story of Bibi Pizzerie’s family business is deeply intertwined with the personal stories of its founders, showcasing a journey of entrepreneurship and tradition that has spanned decades. The tale begins in 1993 when Valter, the father of current owner Maurizio, opened a family restaurant in Campello sul Clitunno. This restaurant, lovingly cared for by the family, became a beloved local institution and thrived for 25 years under their management.

During this time, Valter also harbored a special affection for a pizzeria called “Pizzeria dell’Orologio” located in Piazza del Mercato 24 in Spoleto. This pizzeria had been a significant part of his life long before the restaurant, as he had worked there for a period. So, when the opportunity arose in 2004 to purchase the Pizzeria dell’Orologio, which was up for sale, he seized it without hesitation, driven by his passion and nostalgia for the place filled with happy memories.

Under his guidance, Pizzeria dell’Orologio continued to serve pizza to the people of Spoleto, especially those from the historic center, while in the meantime, the original family restaurant continued to operate until 2018 when the owner’s brother, who had taken over its management, decided to close it to explore new professional opportunities throughout Italy.



The narrative took another exciting turn in 2017. The same owners who had initially sold Pizzeria dell’Orologio contacted the family again, this time offering the sale of another pizzeria, “Pizzeria del Corso” located in Corso Garibaldi commonly referred to by the locals as “Borgo”. Despite Valter being close to retirement and hesitant about undertaking a new venture, Maurizio took the initiative, also encouraged by his wife Lucia. After discussions and considering the strong relationship they had maintained with the previous owners, he decided to expand the family business.

Today, Maurizio, immensely proud, has brought the total to two thriving pizzerias under the brand of Bibi Pizzerie. This expansion is not just a business achievement but the continuation of a legacy that his father started and that he is eager to uphold. The brand has become synonymous with quality and tradition, a testament to the family’s dedication and hard work.

Looking to the future, Maurizio is hopeful that this legacy of entrepreneurship and family commitment will continue. Perhaps one day, his son Matteo will choose to take on this role and carry forward the legacy that has so defined their family’s history. Reflecting on their journey, what stands out is not just the success or the expansion of their business, but the continuity of passion and commitment across generations. This story of Bibi Pizzerie is not just about pizzas or places; it’s about a family’s love for their work and their city, a narrative they hope will inspire future generations just as it has inspired them.



Info: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 18 – Spoleto (PG) – tel. 0743 221756 (anche WhatsApp)

 Piazza del Mercato, 24 – Spoleto (PG) – tel.  0743.49452



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